Access, Inclusion, & Diversity Committee


The Access, Inclusion, & Diversity (AID) Committee serves MASFAA by acting as a catalyst and advocate for the engagement of the association and its members in issues related to higher education access, inclusion and diversity. AID engages the membership by stimulating discussion that promotes awareness of how financial aid professionals can and do influence the status of the various underrepresented populations we all seek to serve.


The Committee is comprised of one or two appointed chairpersons as well as a number of volunteer committee members. Designated AID members serve as active liaisons to and involved members of the Professional Development and Training, Conference, Communication, and other committees.

2014-2015 Objectives

Strengthen the committee‘s participation and actively invite new members to explore the issues related to higher education, as stated above.

2. Partner with other committees to collaborate efforts related to access, inclusion and diversity.

3. Engage the membership and stimulate discussion on social medians, Facebook and Linked In.

4. Encourage the use of the Diversity Library by making it more readily available to all members.


The Equal Opportunity Center (EOC), a federal TRIO program

AID Links

AID Facebook Page AID LinkedIn Group

Diversity Library

College Access in the New Millennium

Annual Committee Reports

2014-2015 AID Committee Reports

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2011-2012 AID Committee Reports

Committee Members

Jason Marsala
North Shore Community College
Maria Morelli
Northeastern University
Ebony Carter
Northeastern University 
Siobhan Keenan
Northeastern University 
Brock Walsh
Northeastern University