MASFAA Charity Sponsorship

The MASFAA Conference is pleased to announce “StandUp For Kids” as our selected charity to sponsor for 2018.

What They Do: “StandUp For Kids” serves unaccompanied homeless and at-risk youth, and young parents with children of their own, up to their 25th birthday. Their ongoing mission is to end the cycle of youth homelessness. To do this, they have built four core programs in many of the cities where they operate in volunteer teams: Street Outreach, Outreach Centers, Mentoring, and Apartment Support.

They work to end the cycle of youth homelessness by identifying and engaging homeless and at-risk youth. They then connect youth with an array of programs and outside community support to address their whole-person needs. Blueprints for success guide youth toward sustainable and healthy outcomes. At every stage, we build healthy and trusting relationships, promote safety, and advocate with and for our youth.

Mission and Vision: Ending the cycle of youth homelessness. They strive to build communities where all youth know care, feel loved, and have a support system to help them move quickly from surviving to thriving.

Donation Requests: We are asking MASFAA Conference attendees to bring with them one of the items on the organization’s supply list

For those able to provide donations, please download and complete this form.