MASFAA Charity Sponsorship

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The MASFAA Conference is pleased to announce “Compass Working Capital” as our selected charity to sponsor for 2017.

“Compass Working Capital (“Compass”) is an anti-poverty organization that provides financial services to families with low income. Our mission is to empower families to build savings and assets as a pathway out of poverty. Starting in 2005 with a group of 10 families in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, our work has grown to serve 1,200 families each year in three states. Since 2016, we have operated a national network to provide training and technical assistance on our program model to implementing partners in communities across the country.

We take an entrepreneurial, iterative approach to our programs and focus on research, data, and evaluation to get at what really works when it comes to lifting families out of poverty. We believe that all families deserve the opportunity to save for and invest in their future, and that our national approach to the problem of poverty should empower families to do just that. Our work builds on the research and practice of a broader asset building field, which has demonstrated the key role that financial security plays in lifting families out of poverty. Our broader vision is to build a leading nonprofit organization that promotes financial security and economic mobility for working, low-income families by influencing field-related practice and policy.