Conference Committee

2018 Conference

Greetings from the MASFAA Conference Committee! The next annual conference will be held on November 15th and 16th, 2018 at the Southbridge Hotel & Conference Center in Southbridge, MA. 


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The purpose of the Committee is to plan the Annual Fall Conference for the MASFAA Membership


The Committee is co-chaired by individuals appointed by the President of MASFAA. The Committee is comprised of volunteer committee members that are representative of both the active and the associate membership as well as each institutional sector.


1. Plan the overall conference format, program, activities and agenda that will attract both novice and seasoned members of the Association

2. Solicit session proposals from the MASFAA membership

3. Select and arrange an array of sessions and presentations that appeal to the MASFAA membership and support the Association’s strategic mission

4. Execute hotel arrangements and other provisions to support conference activities as necessary

5. Develop and execute a schedule a plan to publicize the conference through the newsletter and other sources

6. Coordinate the Annual Business meeting with the President of MASFAA.

7. Coordinate with the liaisons from the Technology and Membership Committees to conduct conference registration on-line via the MASFAA website

8. Prepare and make available the agenda book, name tags, and other conference materials

9. Coordinate the availability of session presentation materials on the MASFAA website

10. Solicit evaluation of the conference from participants and make recommendations for the future

11. Recommend conference fees

12. Develop a workplan and timeline for producing the conference in order to aid the work of current and future committees

Annual Committee Reports

2014-2015 Conference Committee Reports

2013-2014 Conference Committee Reports

2012-2013 Conference Committee Reports

2011-2012 Conference Committee Reports

2010-2011 Conference Committee Reports

Committee Members:

Susan Kolls
Northeastern University
Jonathan Sparling
Jenny Aguiar
Newbury College
Jennifer Trauman
College Ave
Monique Howell
Brandeis University
Savannah Hildebrant
Northeastern University
Mika Lim
Northeastern University
Christa Gilmore
The College of the Holy Cross
Amy Markarian
Northeastern University
Jaron Tucker
Northeastern University
Marianne Folloni
Northeastern University
Donna Shelby
Citizens Bank
Daniel Perriello
Wellesley College
Erin Hanlon
Laboure College