FAFSA Day – FAFSA Challenge



The Massachusetts FAFSA Challenge is a statewide campaign to increase the proportion of Massachusetts high school seniors who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which helps students qualify for federal aid like Pell grants to pay for their college expenses. The challenge encourages all Massachusetts schools and districts to set a goal of FAFSA completion for as many students as possible. On May 21, 2018, awards will be issued to two high schools in the following categories:

Award Categories

  • Highest overall FAFSA completion percentage rate through May 1, 2018
  • Most improved FAFSA completion percentage rate through May 1, 2018 (compared to May 1, 2017)


  • Two awards total will be issued (one in each of the two award categories).
  • Each award will be $750 awarded to the winning high school.
  • The high school will use the $750 to award a scholarship to one of its students.

High School Eligibility

All high schools physically located in Massachusetts may participate in the Massachusetts FAFSA Challenge.

More Information

For details about the Massachusetts FAFSA Challenge, please visit www.fafsaday.org or contact FAFSA Day Massachusetts at fafsaday@gmail.com or 877-424-7627.