Just the Facts! Subcommittee

A Subcommittee of Professional Development and Training


Educating new members of the Financial Aid Profession.


The subcommittee is chaired by three tri-chairs and is comprised of volunteer committee members.

2013-2014 Objectives

1. Recruit active, enthusiastic members of MASFAA who have extensive experience in financial aid to serve as faculty for the program.

2. Plan and administer a planning workshop for approximately 15 faculty members/presenters.

3. Provide NASFAA Core materials and the previous year’s MASFAA Just the Facts Power Point slides to each presenter. These materials will be used to create customized and updated presentations following the NASFAA module topics.

4. Plan the training series to occur over a 5-week time span. Sites must be as accessible as possible, ideally including access to public transportation. Student trainees should have no more than 2 years’ experience in financial aid. Students are responsible for attending the sessions, reading the NASFAA material in advance, and reviewing whatever other material and assignments are provided by the faculty.

5. Announce the workshop series to the MASFAA membership; anticipated participation not to exceed 40.

6. Faculty and students receive free e-copies of the NASFAA CORE Training Modules, giving them access to a major compendium of information.

7. Collect evaluations after each session and plan an end-of-the-year debriefing for faculty of the program.

8. The MASFAA Just the Facts program is not a replacement for NASFAA University. It is a complement to that program, providing personal networking and learning in a personal interactive learning environment.

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2013-2014 Just the Facts! Committee Reports

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