MASFAA Access Inclusion Diversity Spring Symposium

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

8:30 am - 4:00 pm, 140 The Fenway, Northeastern University

MASFAA Access Inclusion Diversity Spring Symposium

Morning Panel: Homeless and Unaccompanied Youths moderated by Kevin DeRuosi Salem State

We’ve gathered a group of experts who work with homeless youth in Massachusetts to answer the following questions: How does the state and federal government ‘legally’ define homelessness, does that encompass all students that are actually homeless? What documentation can students use to show their status/situation? What populations are particularly at risk? What kind of support do these students need? How do we best assist these stduents without stigmatizing them? How do we find out more about our local area ‘experts’ and how do we connect students with resources in the community?

Afternoon Workshop:
Microaggressions run by Audrey Grace Northeastern University

What does the term ‘microaggressions’ mean, and how do we recognize when we have committed or been subject to one? These often subtle and well-intentioned actions or statements reflect an implicit bias, perceptions or stereotypes based on identity. This session offers insight into circumstances in which microaggressions may occur, and the impact of such experiences. The session will provide tools to be used to interrupt a microaggression as it occurs, or follow up to repair a relationship. Participants will gain familiarity with their own biases and explore how to avoid delivering microaggressions in their work with others.

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