MASFAA Strategic Plan

Dear MASFAA Colleague,

We write to share MASFAA’s plans to update our Strategic Plan and offer several opportunities for you to participate in that process. A copy of the current 5-year MASFAA Strategic Plan is attached as background. As a first step toward this revision, President Shawn Morrissey has commissioned an adhoc committee of current and former MASFAA members to produce and propose a new 5-year plan to Executive Council during the 2016-17 year. Shawn has asked Sherri Avery from Brandeis and Jim Slattery from Northeastern to co-chair this committee.

Obviously, feedback and input from our members is critical to such an undertaking. Our overarching goal is to gather as much feedback as possible from diverse member constituencies. A preliminary step toward this broader effort took place at the MASFAA Conference in the fall where Sherri and Jim convened a luncheon work group to kick off the feedback process. Some of you were part of that session and we thank you for your participation!

We intend for this entire process to be transparent and informative for members. We therefore intend to regularly communicate with you during this process and to publicly post any related documents on the MASFAA web site. Broadly, our next steps include the following:

  • Confirm and announce committee composition
  • Secure process facilitator
  • Develop online member survey
  • Assemble survey results along with other ad hoc feedback
  • Complete draft Strategic Plan
  • Draft revised/approved by Executive Council
  • Official publication of new 5-year Strategic Plan

How can you get involved?

  • Volunteer for the Strategic Plan Committee. Although we have identified potential committee members from various member sectors, we are open to additional participation
  • Be on the lookout for the member survey and thoughtfully complete that survey
  • Send us your feedback via email – contact information below

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you would like to volunteer for the committee or if you have any questions or comments about the Strategic Plan process. We look forward to your feedback to assist with the continued success of our enduring organization.

Best regards,

Sherri Avery                        Jim Slattery
Brandeis University         Northeastern University